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Why Us


Say Good-bye to PIN Numbers!

With the free Pinless dialing feature, you can skip entering your pin number when dialing from up to six phone lines (ie. home, work, and cellular)


Say Good-bye to PIN Numbers!

With the free Pinless dialing feature, you can skip entering your pin number when dialing from up to six phone lines (ie. home, work, and cellular)

Speed Dial

Forget those Long Numbers!

With free Speed Dial, you can eliminate dialing those long international numbers forever! Store up to twenty frequently called destination numbers.

Fast Calling- The 1-2 Punch!

Fast Calling- The 1-2 Punch!

With Pinless and Speed Dial, you can call international with just a few buttons. Now you can eliminate dialing an average of 20+ digits each time.

Easy Automatic Recharging!

Set your card to automatically recharge, and you will always ensure you have minutes when your balance runs low. Just sit back and just enjoy worry-free calling!

Iphone Apps

An App for iPhone Users!

Download our World Access app for free, and get quick dialing from your iPhone. It automatically dials access #, PIN, and "calling to" number!

Access for On-the-Go!

Access for On-the-Go!

Now you can stay connected to your account while on the go through your smartphone. Get quick access to recharging, rates, and more.


We're Open 24/7, 365 Days!

You can rely on us to make your calls no matter what day of the year. Even holidays as Christmas and New Year's Day, we're here to serve you.

Accept Order Globally

We Accept Order Globally!

We process orders from all over the world. Since 1997, customers have bought over 15 million calling cards.

50+ Countries

Covering 50+ Countries

Whether you are calling from the United States, Germany, or China, you can be sure you will find the best calling cards here.

Wish List

Create a Wish List!

If a calling card is out-of-stock, you can add it to your wish list. Then once the card is available again, you will get instant email notification.

Multiple Languages

Browse in Multiple Languages!

Now you have the choice to view our site in English, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese!

Local Currency

View Local Currency!

You can see all rates and billing information all in your local currency. We display our site in over 50+ major currencies worldwide.


Special Customer Promotions!

Once you become a customer of ours, we will periodically send out exclusive email coupons so you can save even more on all your calls.

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